katherine shea wearing black lace show me your mumu crop topOne day, everything in my wardrobe felt so tacky, so cheap, and so not—me.

I’m Katherine, and I know all about being in a wardrobe rut. But I also know all about getting out of that rut, and building a wardrobe with the most flattering, high quality items that can be worn with everything.

A wardrobe with less stuff and better things.

Via Katherine was created out of my desire to simplify and beautify the world. It’s a mix of my two favorites: shopping + minimalism.

This is where I come out of the closet with my best kept secrets so that you can one day soon wake up to a wardrobe you love. Because everyone deserves to feel excited about getting dressed. Don’t you think?

I’ve broken it down into five key areas:

  1. Defining – I force you to be honest with yourself, your body type and your lifestyle, so that you can analyze and find your own personal style.
  2. Eliminating – I give you tips for maintaining a minimalist wardrobe, as well as share my system for selling and donating the items I no longer wear.
  3. Shopping – I scour the web’s best fashion sites every day (literally, every day!) to source the finest items, at every price point, to add to your wardrobe.
  4. Styling – I blog outfits—real, everyday outfits—straight from my own minimalist wardrobe, so that you can learn how to mix and match.
  5. Organizing – I show you how to design, display, and organize your wardrobe in way that makes it accessible and inspiring.

Think of me as a wardrobe consultant who is both your personal shopper and professional organizer.

Want to try a minimalist wardrobe on for size? Get started here.

XOXO Katherine