What Is Minimalism?


Minimalism. There’s not much to it.

The core idea of minimalism is this:

Remove the things that aren’t adding value to your life, to make room for stuff that is.


clutter, cleaning, distractions, worry, stress, negativity


time, freedom, space and energy for things that really matter to you

Minimalism isn’t the lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.

Nicholas Burroughs

Translated in fashion terms:

Having a minimalist wardrobe isn’t about the quantity of items in your closet. It’s much more about the quality and thoughtful curation of items that all go together to create a cohesive personal style. It’s about owning exactly what you need or want to own, and nothing more.

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The Key To Having Less Stuff And Better Things

It’s time for you to take back control.

Having a minimalist wardrobe is easier than you think. Here’s how I break it down:


mood board of magazine clippings

The first step in creating a minimalist wardrobe is to take the time to analyze and find your personal style. Having a wardrobe anchored around your personal style will link all your items together, and keep you happy for decades. This is where I’ll force you to be honest with yourself, your body type and your lifestyle.


empty black hangers hanging in closet

Once you nail down your personal style, it’s time to edit your current wardrobe. You’ll need to be extremely critical, and clean out anything that doesn’t fit your personal style. Editing your current wardrobe makes getting dressed easy because there’s less to search through and everything matches. This is where I’ll give you tips for maintaining a minimalist wardrobe, as well as share my system for selling and donating the items I no longer wear.


new black shirt with tags hanging in closet

Creating a minimalist wardrobe is all about making mindful purchases and understanding which items are worth investing in. Purchasing on impulse is the fastest way to end up with a closet full of regret. This is where I’ll scour the web’s best fashion sites every day to source the finest items, at every price point, to add to your wardrobe.


outfit hanging in closet

After shopping, you’ll need to know how to style your items into complete outfits that fit your personal style. Knowing what items complete an outfit not only makes it easier to get dressed, but also can be the difference between self-conscious and confidence. This is where I’ll blog outfits—real, everyday outfits—straight from my own minimalist wardrobe, so that you can learn how to mix and match.


close-up of gold sparkly necklaces hanging

The foundation to any minimalist wardrobe is having a space for displaying your items, and a system for arranging them. Keeping your closet neat and searchable will bring a sense of control and ease to your life. This is where I’ll show you how to design, display, and organize your wardrobe in way that makes it accessible and inspiring.

Want to try a minimalist wardrobe on for size? Follow along so that you can one day soon wake up to a wardrobe you love.

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On Having Nothing To Wear

One day, everything in my wardrobe felt so tacky, so cheap, and so not—me. Everything was too baggy, too bright, and made of polyester. Nothing matched.

I was embarrassed to go to work, and self-conscious to meet with my colleagues who were trendy fashion editors and chic stylists. I dreaded waking up in the morning and having nothing to wear.

But how could I have nothing to wear with all the shopping I was doing? And the hundreds of items in my wardrobe? And the thousands of hours of studying fashion bloggers?

Like many fashion-lovers out there, I had become so overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the latest fads and purchasing trendy items, that I had lost touch with my own personal style. I bought anything, just because I saw it on my favorite celebrity. I was chasing a fantasy—an unrealistic version of who I wanted to be and how I wanted to dress—and falling short with every single impulse buy.

Why couldn’t I just have a few well-made items that made me feel and look amazing?

I needed a clean slate. I needed to re-discover my personal style. I needed minimalism.


So my story begins. Over the past year, I re-defined my style and embraced minimalism. I stopped buying items made from polyester. I decided to wear only black, white and grey, with the occasional denim, and a few neutrals. I created a strict system for collecting new items, and a routine system for cleaning out.

My wardrobe is now filled with a collection of everyday basics, well-made essentials that last forever, and a few trendy items. It’s very minimalist, and very curated.

katherine shea's closet with clothes hanging stack of denim folded tibi boots on coffee table book gold necklaces hanging from rack

The results have been unbelievable. Today I look forward to getting dressed because I feel more in touch with my personal style than I ever did before. I feel more confident getting dressed for work. And better yet, I always have something to wear.

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