The Most Effective Way To Store Over The Knee Boots

stuart weitzman 5050 boots in closetstuart weitzman lowland and 5050 boots

Now that it’s getting warmer out, it’s time to put your tall boots into storage.

Luckily, storing tall boots has never been easier. I recently discovered the booti Boot Shaper by bootiUSA, and have added years to the lives of my precious Stuart Weitzman Lowland and 5050 boots.

This particular boot shaper is a light-weight durable plastic that you roll up to fit inside the shaft of your boot. It then unrolls in your boot, adjusting to your boot’s form and maintaining it beautifully.

Why I prefer these boot shapers over others:

  • These inserts adapt to every shape and size, and you can use two of them for longer boots
  • They prevent bending and creasing
  • They ventilate your boots, whether you use them frequently or store them for long periods

What boot shapers have you tried?

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CLOSET LUST: An Ikea Closet That Will Blow Your Mind

ikea closet pax system


Once in a while, Ikea will surprise me. Above is a perfect example.

I love everything about this closet: the white glossy monochromatic color palette, the bright vanity lights, the perfectly spaced hangers, and the carefully placed row of pumps on the floor.

Who would have thought this was designed by Ikea?

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The Simple Closet Upgrade That Changed My Life

katherine shea's closet with clothes hanging
I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m a hanger snob.

That’s right. I only buy the best hangers for my closet, because I believe that the foundation to any minimalist wardrobe is a set of matching, minimalist hangers. In other words, a minimalist wardrobe without nice hangers is like wearing a hot outfit with granny panties.

The worst are wire hangers. I despise wire hangers. Too much of my life has been wasted untangling them, just to try on a shirt. By the end of it, I’d woken up half the neighborhood from the annoying clanging noise they make, and earned battle scars from the sharp edges. Wire hangers didn’t even do any justice to my clothes. They’d leave all my sweaters in weird, unidentifiable shapes. No doubt about it—wire hangers suck.

So which hangers are best?

These days I prefer wooden hangers. They are much sturdier than wire hangers, helping to maintain the shape of my clothes. They also come in a mix of varieties, so you always have the perfect hanger for any type of item. And of course, they are prettier and won’t cause bodily harm.

The only negative with wooden hangers is they can take up quite a bit of space. If you are tight on space, the next best option is velvet hangers. Velvet hangers not only grip your clothes, but also have a slimmer profile, so you can fit more in your closet.

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black wooden hanger for bottoms

black wooden hanger for tops