The Most Effective Way To Store Over The Knee Boots

stuart weitzman 5050 boots in closetstuart weitzman lowland and 5050 boots

Now that it’s getting warmer out, it’s time to put your tall boots into storage.

Luckily, storing tall boots has never been easier. I recently discovered the booti Boot Shaper by bootiUSA, and have added years to the lives of my precious Stuart Weitzman Lowland and 5050 boots.

This particular boot shaper is a light-weight durable plastic that you roll up to fit inside the shaft of your boot. It then unrolls in your boot, adjusting to your boot’s form and maintaining it beautifully.

Why I prefer these boot shapers over others:

  • These inserts adapt to every shape and size, and you can use two of them for longer boots
  • They prevent bending and creasing
  • They ventilate your boots, whether you use them frequently or store them for long periods

What boot shapers have you tried?

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